What printer ribbon should I use for my label printer?

At Delfi Technologies we sell printer ribbon from big companies as Citizen, Zebra and Honeywell. When choosing the right colour ribbon (also called ribbon foil) for your label printer, you must be aware of the distinction between the different types of ribbon, which matters to the ribbon quality and durability of what you print. Often there is more than one type of foil that can solve the task. We have listet the different types of printer ribbon here:


There may also be a difference in the width. It is therefore important that you choose the ribbon that suits your particular printer.

If you need help finding the right ribbon, you are welcome to contact our advisers on telephone 70 222 555 or email info@delfi.com.

Find the printer ribbon and color ribbon you need for your print solution and get the best quality prints. At Delfi Technologies we have a wide selection of printer ribbon, color ribbion and film for label printers in a variety of sizes and layouts. You need printer ribbon when you are printing on TT labels (thermal transfer labels).

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