A wide selection of customer displays

At Delfi Technologies we have a wide selection of different customer displays, which we are ready to guide and help you choosing for your POS-system. Today, most customer displays come with touch screens, which make the designs elegant and easy to fit in every retail environment. Therefore, your decision should depend on what the display should be used for.

The classic solution

We have the classic solution of customer displays, where there is a screen towards the employee and a little display towards the customer, which is used to show prize and product information. Typically, this type is used at the cash register or check out in retail businesses or in restaurants.

Displays for self-service check outs

Nowadays, it’s more and more common to experience self-service check outs in retail stores, which makes the check out process quicker for the customers. For this, many use a touch display to assist the POS-system for the customers to easily check out themselves.

Displays for prize checks

Most grocery stores (and many other kinds of stores) use customer displays with incorporated scanners for prize checking products. This makes it easy for the customer to quickly check a prize on a given product without having to find an employee – who might not know the prize too.

Optimize your customer experiences

Common for all customer displays is that they are able to connect to your existing POS-system or cash register – and they are made to optimize your work processes as they save you both time and money. Last but not least, they optimize your customers experiences in your business.