Why choose a mobile receipt printer?

A mobile receipt printer gives you a different flexibility than a stationary receipt printer. If you work in the restaurant industry, where you serve your costumers away from the cash register, you can optimize you efficiency by printing a receipt directly on the floor. In retail businesses it will save you time by printing receipts, vouchers etc., if you’re multiple to use the cash register in busy times. Although, your industry isn’t that important, but more the need to serve your customers quick and flexible. Our mobile receipt printers can do more than just printing a bargain receipt. They are also able to print labels, tickets, queue numbers, parking tickets etc. Furthermore, some of our models can be used outdoor – even in frosty weather, which is crucial for the traffic warden.

How does a mobile receipt printer work?

Our mobile receipt printers connect via iOS, bluetooth or USB. Therefore, you are secured connecting your mobile receipt printer to your system.