Choose the right cash drawer

Which business do you have?

There are multiple factors to consider, when choosing your new cash drawer. At Delfi Technologies we sell top quality cash drawers though our solutions variate. Therefore, it’s important to choose your cash drawer based on what type of business you have. Do you run a small shop or café, you might settle for a standard solution with few coin and cash sections. Do you run a big store with digital solutions, a complete and more digitalized cash drawer coould be the right solution to you. Even though the solutions variate, they are all user friendly and adresses all kinds of businesses – regardless your industry. Therefore, it’s not so important what type of customers you have – but more important how big your business and cash flow are.

Sections and functions

Our cash drawers come with different numbers of sections for coins and cash. Furthermore, some cash drawers also have removable cash trays, which you are able to put important notes under – or maybe you need to lock the cash tray with your money in a separate room. Most of our cash drawers are made of steel which supports the durability and security.