HP – Delfi Partner

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is an American multinational IT company headquartered in California that specializes in developing computers for consumers and businesses. In addition, HP is also a leader in POS equipment. The company was founded in a garage in Palo Alto by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939 and originally produced various electronic tests and measuring equipment.

HP’s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere – every person, every organization and every community. HP is also known as a frontrunner when it comes to securing future-proof solutions to be constantly up-to-date and ready for the major changes that the world is constantly experiencing.


Delfi Technologies works closely with HP when it comes to POS solutions, in particular for retail. Through our partnership with HP, we can ensure that our customers get reliable solutions that help to strengthen their business. The product range includes, among other things, POS PCs, which contribute to better service and efficiency in the stores.

Together with HP, we are helping to reinvent the customer experience – by being able to go from the traditional POS terminals to mobile POS solutions that give employees the right tool to serve customers. HP has a broad portfolio of POS devices that meet the high demands on performance anytime, anywhere.

Whether you need a traditional POS system or something more mobile, you can find the right solution with an HP product.


HP Engage One Prime is an all-in-one sales system that integrates with popular POS software and payment services.

The beautifully designed and budget-friendly device is ideal for businesses with an eye for details. You can complement the modern aesthetic with an all-in-one POS device that has clean lines and is designed to be cost-conscious. At the same time, it has a wealth of options and can be integrated with various devices and accessories, so you get a system that is durable for many years to come.

The device is easy to set up with retail software and payment services. You can connect your daily devices directly with USB or Bluetooth, and add it to your WiFi.


The HP Engage One All-in-One is a POS PC with an ultra-slim design and fast performance, so you can serve your customers more efficiently.

It is carefully designed to give your customers a better experience, and at the same time, it is built to be able to deliver as your business develops. The unit combines a sleek, but durable design with great performance, and computing power, so you are always ready to provide your customers with a nice experience.

The device has many implementation options, so you can tailor your solution to your specific needs, while there are no visible cables.


With the HP Engage One Serial USB thermal receipt printer, you get an eye-catching and compact printer designed to integrate with your HP Engage system.

The receipt printer prints at a full 114 mm per second so you can quickly get on with the day’s work. It is also possible to connect two cash drawers.

The compact printer can be placed where you need it, ensuring that the internal steel frame can withstand your daily work in busy retail environments.


Ultra slim and fast for an extraordinary POS experience

The new HP Engage One Pro is part of the elite in POS PCs. Carefully designed to enhance the customer experience, the new POS series helps strengthen your business. HP Engage One Pro combines a sleek yet durable design with a powerful computer and a large number of options, so you can customize it to your specific needs.

A powerful machine in 3 sizes

HP Engage One Pro is available as 15.6 “, 19.5” and 23.8 “, which can be used in a wide range of environments – eg for self-service or standard cash register solution. The screen can be operated horizontally or vertically.

The device comes with the powerful Intel Core i9 processor, which makes everyday life easier. There are large memory configurations, with the option of up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of local storage.