Digital tools for agricultural and food production

Digital tools for agricultural and food production

Are you running a agriculture where you produce goods that need to be distributed to dealers or do you produce food in a big factory, you definitely need your work processes to be as efficient and flawless as possible. Even minor faults can be fatal, why it’s important that your data are registrered and handled correctly. The keywords are specially traceability and control when it comes to production within argiculture and food; and to keep a good overview of your goods.

Traceability via RFID technology

With implementation of RFID tags you can optimize your processes and thereby get fully control and overview of your goods. It gives every single product it’s own unique identity, which makes it possible for you to trace down faults to the exact product. You can read more about how RFID tags can help your argicultural or food production in our business case with Jensen Seeds.

Below we have listed our most efficient tools and solutions that can optimize your work processes within the argiculture or food industry.

Barcode scanners for argicultural and food production

To scan and register your goods and products, our two recommended barcode scanners are the most optimal and efficient choices. With these you secure a sharp and quick scanning capability, while you minimize the risk of fault scanning.

Furthermore, both scanners are wireless and give you the best flexibility in your production or at your warehouse. Both are ergonomical choices and lies good in the hand, which is important when your employees use the scanner everyday.

Handheld terminals/PDA’s for argicultural and food production

If a barcode scanner isn’t enough, can a mobile handheld terminal or PDA be a great tool for you. Here you have the opportunity of installing your own software or specially developed software for e.g. warehousing. With a handheld terminal or PDA you also have the opportunity of scanning your goods and registrate them directly into your software programme on the PDA.

At Delfi Technologies we’re not only experts in hardware tools, but also in software solutions, and we have developed our own solutions for specially inventory management and registration including controlling goods. Here we both have Delfi X Cloud and Delfi Mobile Warehouse, which both can be efficient software solutions for your handheld terminal or PDA.

Label printers for argicultural and food production

Do you need to mark your goods with labels, we have two solid and reliable label printers from our partner Citizen, that can do the job for you. Both prints with high speed and in really good quality, and are both durable investments in your business. You find our selection of labels for label printers here.

Do you need an efficient programme to set up and deisng your own labels, we recommend BarTender Label Software. With the label software you have the opportunity to secure the safety and efficiency, comply with rules and standards by setting up and automate the printing of labels, barcodes and RFID tags.

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