Guide to disinfection and cleaning

Guide to disinfection and cleaning

Cleaning your devices is as important as washing hands. Often, products such as barcode scanners, PDAs and similar devices are used by many different people during a day. It is one of the major potential virus and bacterial sources that can easily be passed on to other people and applied to objects and packaging.

Things to know

  • Turn off your device and disconnect power before disinfecting.
  • Never use spray or chemicals directly on the unit.
  • Disinfect all parts for your device, including cradle and charger.
  • Allow your unit to air dry after disinfecting.

Important information

  • Use only the recommended disinfection products for your device.
  • In your device manual you will find recommended disinfectants.
  • HealthCare models can withstand certain hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Be careful

  • Certain chemicals can damage the plastic on the device.
  • Be extra careful using bleach products.
  • Some hand disinfection products contain ingredients that are harmful to the device.

At Delfi Technologies, we follow our manufacturers’ recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting of hardware equipment.

Always make sure to follow the specific instructions given directly by the manufacturer.

Do you have a Zebra product? Then you can see Zebra’s disinfection manual here.