How to get started with barcodes

How to get started with barcodes

At Delfi Technologies we are specialists in barcodes – from designing your labels and printing them with a label printer to how you read your barcodes with a barcodescanner. We have many years of experience with both software and hardware solutions regarding barcodes and we have a wide selection of solutions and products which all can be adjusted for specific businesses or industries. Though, we’re specialists in barcodes, we don’t create the actual barcodes which you have to do via GS1. When you have done this, you can get started with barcodes with our guide below.

Design labels for barcodes

With the efficient BarTender label software it’s possible to optimize the safety and productivity, comply with rules and standards by creating and automate printing and managing labels, barcodes, RFID-tags etc. With the label software you can easily and efficiently design your labels, and furthermore configurate and connect data sources and different systems. There is 3 different variations of BarTender: Professional Edition, Automation Edition and Enterprise Edition. Read more about BarTendere here.

Labels for your barcodes

We have a big selection of different labels and therefore the choice depends on the size and design of your barcode. Be aware that there are made a distinction between Direct Thermo (DT) and Thermo Transfer (TT) when it comes to labels and label printers, which dictates how the colour is printed on the labels. Therefore, you can only use Direct Thermo label printers for DT labels – and same way around with Thermo Transfer. You can see our selection of labels here.

Label printers for printing barcodes

When you have both design your labels for your barcodes and found the right label, you will need a good and reliable label printer for printing your barcodes. The selection of label printers is big so we have found a handful we recommended for this purpose. As mentioned earlier, there are both Direct Thermo and Thermo Transfar label printers, which you can read more about in our label printer guide here.

Direct Thermo label printers

Thermo Transfer label printers

Scan your barcodes

When your barcodes are set up and printed in high quality on your labels it’s crucial to scan and read them quickly and correctly. The better quality your labels have, the better are your barcodes read. Below you see three different scanners, which quickly and efficiently read barcodes.

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