Paper shelf labels that create an overview

Paper shelf labels that create an overview

Do you and your company have a desire to improve efficiency and to create visible and sharp price communication? Then it is our paper shelf labels that you should take a closer look at. It’s a great alternative to our electronic shelf labels, where both of them open up for a lot of possibilities in your business, in their very own ways. Paper shelf labels are good to help with a common thread, provide a better customer experience and, not least, an efficient everyday life for your staff, who suddenly get some tools that you can only regret you hadn’t started with earlier.

In addition to paper shelf labels, the guide and solutions below can also benefit you who are in need of a solution for name tag and print solutions for e.g. conferences or other relevant events.

On this page, we will be happy to guide you through paper shelf labels and show you which perfect set-up you can spoil your company with if you want a more streamlined everyday life for your customers and employees.

6 selected shelf labels

You will find paper shelf labels in several different sizes and colors, but typically white and/or yellow, as these are most often used in shops. If you want to, your logo can be added, flags or other designs, according to your desired needs.

All our recommended paper shelf fronts are material in direct thermo. But what exactly is it direct thermo? DT (direct thermal) is one of the most used types of labels, which do not use any ink or ribbon. The material is coated with a heat-sensitive layer that changes color when the printer’s print head heats the label. If you need to use labels for paper shelf labels, we recommend DT labels, since they are the cheapest and most effective label type.

Your new companion of a label printer

Without a label printer, your new paper shelf labels aren’t as much fun to play with. So, in order for you to complete the task, a highly efficient label printer is of course included. At Delfi Technologies, we would always recommend a Citizen CL-S521, which offers you maximum flexibility and easy access to applications. The printer’s sensor adapts to different materials and widths, has a speed of 150 mm/second and a resolution of 203dpi.

With a label printer like the Citizen CL-S521, you get a robust printer for many printing tasks that will be your companion for many years.

A long collaboration that has resulted in paper shelf labels

Over the years, Delfi Technologies has helped a wide range of companies achieve their desired needs through paper shelf labels. A really good example is our rollout we have done in collaboration with Netto, which has a print solution out in 1200 Netto stores across Denmark and Poland. Read on a little more to get a greater insight into how a case could look like.

User-friendly labelprinter for Netto Case

Netto wanted a printer that could give their shop staff a more efficient everyday life and which ensured that there was less paper waste and lower operating costs in everyday life.

This fast and high-quality color label printer, the Epson TM-C3500, ensures that the shelf labels of the desired paper are printed out in the correct order, so that mistakes no longer occur and the employees can get to the correct shelves in stores faster.

New print solution in 1200 Netto stores

A new print solution in 1200 Netto stores, resulted in a better customer experience and a more efficient everyday life for the store staff. Before the print solution became a reality, Netto had a desire to create a streamlined and sharp price communication for their shelf fronts, which made the experience easy and good for customers as well as the staff.

As earlier told, Netto and Delfi Technologies have had a close collaboration for many years, so when they needed a new print solution, it was only natural for them to ally with Delfi on their new print project for their desired paper shelf labels.

Read more about Netto’s sharp paper shelf labels that have made their everyday life more efficient.

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