Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf – Delfi Partner

Diebold Nixdorf automates, digitizes and transforms the way we are shopping. It all started more than 160 years ago with a starting point in the bank industry with safes. Today, security is therefore still a central element in every solution from Diebold Nixdorf.

With the delivery of POS systems and retail solutions worldwide, in more than 100 countries from Europe to Australia and the US, Diebold Nixdorf is a leading manufacturer and world leader in POS and self-service solutions today.


Through a strong portfolio and the right combination of products, software and services, Delfi Technologies and Diebold Nixdorf deliver solutions that build a bridge between digital and physical channels.

Integrated store solutions for self-service and checkout help to complete the customer experience and at the same time ensure smooth handling – to the benefit of both staff members and customers.

At Delfi Technologies, we see a great value in the partnership with Diebold Nixdorf. Together, we can help stores deliver the necessary integration that can raise the level of service and ensure fast customer service – without compromising on quality.


Self-service is a concept that is here to stay. We see it in more and more places – in the supermarket, in the specialty store and at the airport. This also means that an increasing number of stores are beginning to offer self-checkout solutions for their customers.

Today’s consumers are both independent and actionable. They want the freedom to act in their own way and choose for themselves whether to stand in line at checkout – or to serve themselves at a self-service checkout.

With a self-service solution from Diebold Nixdorf, you can give your customers an improved shopping experience that is both intuitive and rewarding.

Advantages of choosing a self-service solution:

  • Flexible solution with adaptation to any environment
  • Improved and faster service speed
  • Increas level of possible transactions
  • Less queuing at the checkout
  • Increased customer satisfaction


The DN Series™ EASY ONE features a compact platform of modules that combine industrial-grade reliability with state-of-the-art product design.

Flexible solution design supports the grocery solution but is also ideal for the retail sub-verticals; fast fashion, fuel & convenience, postal and QSR.

The easy support of innovation around AI, machine learning and connected devices is wowing everyONE.

Want to know more?

Contact one of our specialists by email info@delfi.com or phone +45 70 222 555.

The largest POS deal in EMEA & Asia

Together with partners, Diebold Nixdorf could celebrate the POS’s 50th anniversary at their annual Retail Partner Summit in May 2023.

Delfi Technologies was nominated in several partner categories, including “The largest POS partner 2022 in EMEA & Asia” and “The largest POS deal 2022 in EMEA & Asia”.

We are very proud and thankful to have won the prestigious award for the largest POS deal in 2022 thanks to our partnership with Diebold Nixdorf and the POS project for REMA 1000 Danmark in particular.


ABC Lavpris has teamed up with Delfi Technologies for a better customer experience

Delfi Technologies has been a close partner for ABC Lavpris in the replacement of their POS hardware as well as the introduction of price checkers, which are now placed around the stores to give customers better and more up-to-date information about the products and prices.

ABC Lavpris wanted new uniform and stylish checkout systems from Diebold Nixdorf in all stores. At the same time, with the same setup in all stores, which, among other things, facilitates IT operations for the chain. In addition, the new POS hardware also requires less space, which gives both customers and staff members a communication at eye level.