Mobile label printers from Delfi Technologies deliver exactly the print job you need to achieve the best printing solution for your business. Whatever your needs, Delfi Technologies has the right printing solution. We offer a wide range of high quality label printers for numerous tasks and industries. Our range of label printers covers both compact label printers and larger industrial label printers. Labels and labels with printed barcode to keep track of goods, prices, locations and the like. Among Delfi Technologies' many label customers are, for example, hospital pharmacies that label medicine containers, warehouses, freight companies that label packages and many more.

With a mobile label printer, you can print shelf labels, price tags and other prints whenever you need them. - So you no longer have to go out to the back room to print a label.

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Which industries need mobile label printers?

The value of choosing a mobile label printer depends of what type of industry your business is in - including, where you phisycally need to use it. Common for all are, that they are user friendly and fit into one hand, which supports the mobile function so you are able to transport the mobile label printer wherever you need in your store or business. At Delfi Technologies our experience is, that many types of industries need mobile label printers. We have listed some of them here: The retail industry In the retail industry the mobile label printers can save valuable time when e.g. marking down prices. In busy sale periods, it's crucial for the staff to quickly and easily mark down prices out on the floor instead of bringing the products to the staff room to do the marking. This way, the staff save time which they can use on the customers instead. The mobile label printers are also capable of printing price tags for shelves. There is no doubt; a mobile label printer will optimize your business.   Health care system We also sell mobile label printers for hospital pharmacies who mark medicine containers. It's crucial for the employees to mark the containers correctly, when they are delivered for institutions in the health care system. The logistics industry We also have mobile label printers for both indoor and outdoor usage, which is necessary for carriers, when transporting and delivering packages. These mobile label printers are also way more durable than the indoor mobile label printers.