Receipt printers from Delfi Technologies are the right choice for your POS solution. Important features when you need a new receipt printer are elements such as the print speed and resolution, superior reliability and ease of use. Choose a receipt printer from Delfi Technologies and you will get a high performance product from the world's leading manufacturers of receipt printers and point of sale equipment.

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One of the advantages of a receipt printer connected by USB is the extremely high level of reliability. The EPSON TM-T88VI-111 printer is a good choice on many parameters. It has a high print speed and supports both traditional PC POS systems as well as online POS systems and tablets. The printer is Energy Star labeled, which ensures that it has high energy efficiency which benefits both the environment and your operating costs... However, you should be aware of those receipt printers which can be connected via USB, are not mobile. Therefore, they are primarily suitable for a stationary workplace. For example, in a kiosk, where you still want to print high-quality receipts.


However, if you are looking for a receipt printer where you get a little more freedom to move around, you can look at the EPSON TM-P20 model. This is a portable version of a receipt printer. It connects easily to the system via Bluetooth, hereafter you can move around with it... Thus, it’s suited for all those who need to move around as they print receipts in their daily work- This model from EPSON is packed with the latest technology and ensures fast receipts printouts. It may prove useful if you are working as a waiter or in other ways were you quickly must serve a large number of people. You get a receipt printer that is extremely user-friendly and ensures both you and the customer a great user experience.


At Delfi Technologies we are interested in bringing you the best solution. That is why we have a broad collaboration with the world's leading brands and manufacturers. It is your assurance of always getting a solution which is at a constant high level and which meets your needs. Specifically, we work with BIXOLON and Epson. BIXOLON is a leading global manufacturer of innovative print technologies, including POS-receipt printers for a variety of different environments and industries. Epson was founded in 1942 and had already launched their first printer in 1968. And that's why we can offer you a proven and reliable print solution. We listen to your wishes. In this way, it is our hope that we can find the right solution for you. Use the time to study your needs, so that we can help you find exactly the receipt printer that makes your business life a bit easier. If you have any questions or need advice for our receipt printer, you are very welcome to contact us on 70 222 555 or mail