Barcode scanners / barcode readers from Delfi Technologies provide a quick and efficient scanning of barcodes. A barcode scanner is an important tool in the daily work for many companies and stores. When a barcode scanner is used every day, it is very important that it is a high quality product. It is therefore important to select the right barcode scanner for the given environment. At Delfi Technologies we cover everything from general-purpose barcode scanners, hands-free scanners, handheld scanners and wireless scanners to presentation scanners, on-counter and in-counter scanners.


What is the difference between 1D and 2D barcode scanning? In short, it is about the layout and amount of data in the barcodes. See our barcode guide and learn more.

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Whether you need to use the barcode scanner for a grocery store or as part of your inventory management, there are a number of factors that you need to be aware of before making a decision on which barcode scanner to use. First, you need to think about whether you need to be able to walk around with the barcode reader, or whether you should primarily use it in a desktop space. Next, it is important that you think about whether the barcode scanner should be able to read both 1D and 2D. Of course, all our barcode scanners can read 1D, which is the completely normal barcode you know from, for example, groceries. 2D, on the other hand, is a bit more complex and is mainly used to read QR codes, which can contain much more data than the aforementioned ordinary bar codes. At Delfi Technologies you will also find barcode scanners that can read QR codes.


At Delfi Technologies, we carry a wide range of USB barcode scanners for reading barcode systems. Here you will find, among other things, the model DELFISCAN C91, which you have probably come across in a store. It has an ergonomic grip and can be installed very easily. It basically requires nothing more than plugging in the USB connector right where you need it. But you certainly have other options too, if your choice falls on a barcode scanner with USB. HONEYWELL FUSION MK3780 is a barcode scanner that gives you extra freedom as you can use it hands-free. This is convenient if you need to scan a lot of items and need an ergonomic working position that relieves your hands and wrists.


If you do not want to be bound by a USB connector, it may prove to be an advantage to invest in a Bluetooth barcode scanner. A wireless barcode scanner like DELFISCAN M71 has several advantages. Firstly, it is a cheap barcode scanner, and secondly, it gives you a great deal of freedom. You can connect it to the base and have your data delivered wirelessly. And not only that: if you move outside the wireless distance, you can collect data anyway and subsequently deliver these to the base. HONEYWELL GRANIT 1981I is a wireless scanner that can read both 1D and 2D. And it does so at a distance of 15 centimeters to a full 15 meters. As it is at the same time a scanner that is suitable for use in a harsh environment, you can advantageously use it in warehouses where you need to keep track of inventory. Incidentally, the scanner is so efficient that it can read even worn barcodes. If you have questions or need advice on our products, you are very welcome to contact us on telephone 70 222 555 or email


Delfi Technologies strengthens your business with innovative and cost-effective solutions based on close collaboration with the world's leading manufacturers of barcode scanners. We collaborate with, among others: We also have our own series of affordable barcode scanners called DelfiScan.