Tablets can meet many needs, depending on whether you want to serve your customers or want to optimize your inventory management. Our range of professional tablets ensures robustness, reliability and a stable solution that meets all your requirements for mobile applications. At the same time, you can increase both the efficiency and the productivity of your workflow. Our tablets are available in both 8” and 10” with the option of running Windows or Android as the operating system.

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Tablets for stores

We experience a high request of smart tablets for especially stores in the retail industry, where they are used for serving customers, check stock status or look up other informations for your customers. Therefore, we have a wide selection of smart tablets in stylish designs, which can fit into every retail environment.

Rugged tablets for warehouses

Tablets aren't just suitable for serving customers in the retail industry. Rugged tablets can streamline and optimize your work methods at your warehouse or stock. Here it's important to have a solid tablet which can resist the tough environment - even when it's dropped on concrete.