With the right card printer you can print your membership cards / loyalty cards, bonus cards, student cards, gift cards, price tags for the delicacy and other plastic cards. At Delfi Technologies, we offer a good selection of plastic card printers and we advise you on which that will suit your needs best. Are you in doubt about which card printer to choose? Contact us today, and we will help you find the right solution.

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Why choose a card printer for your business?

There are many reasons for buying a card printer, but most likely, you want to assign your customers a special value or service by giving them a printet plastic card. Do you have a member-based business, it will be valuable for you to print unique membercards, which differentiates your customers. Maybe you need key cards to give access to special locations or rooms. In retail shops, you will might be needing plactic gift cards, which you easily can print yourself with a card printer. There are also card printers for price tags. It's possible to print cards with magnet stripes as well.

What type of card printer do you need?

Overall, most card printers do the same; they print a plastic card. It's more important what type of business you have, and how many cards you need to print. Therefore, card printers are often divided into how many cards they print. There are single sided and dual sided card printers. which both can be valuable to your business. Card printers which print single sided are useful if you have a simple need for printing student cards, member cards e.g. Dual sided card printers are able to make plastic cards with magnet stripes on the backside, which are important to make gift cards, acess cards, user cards e.g., where the customer needs to register data in a system.