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Point Mobile – Delfi Partner

Point Mobile is one of the fastest growing handheld terminal manufacturers in the world. Each part from top to bottom is created with the goal of absolute robustness and longevity.

They have made devices for various well-known companies and major players in the mobility industry. They introduced their own brand of devices in 2013, featuring a full range of handheld mobile computers, rugged smartphones, LTE / Android integrated mobile payment devices, health terminals, RFID readers and Bluetooth portable scanners.

In addition, Point Mobile delivers a broad portfolio of comprehensive accessories and solutions that prepare customers for the future within data capture and mobility. Unlike other major manufacturers, they do everything in-house. From concept and design to manufacturing. This not only guarantees high product quality, but makes implementation simple and fast, aligned with industry standards.


Handheld terminals, PDAs, and mobile computers are Point Mobile’s cutting edge expertise. Point Mobile is the manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced mobile devices and is rapidly growing. With handheld terminals and other devices from Point Mobile, you can easily keep track of many details that are necessary to have an overview with. The possibilities of Point Mobile’s handheld terminals are endless. Whether you want to facilitate tasks at the warehouse and at the same time keep accurate control of package/picking tasks, product counting or communication among employees.

In stores, Handheld Mobile terminals from Point Mobile are also used for ordering, impairment and managing price changes.
The handheld terminals use Android as the operating system, which is a modern and future-proof platform. It is possible to add many attractive features in the handheld terminals and they can solve endless needs and problems.

One of the most popular handheld terminal from Point Mobile is their relatively new PM85. The hand terminal is one of our favorite devices when implementing new solutions for many of our customers. The handheld terminal uses Android, which has become the new industry standard. The terminal meets most needs, and will be able to solve your exact needs in 9 out of 10 cases.

Point Mobile is also widely known for making their devices in a robustness that just keeps going. An efficient glass type for the front which reduces the risk of scratches, as well as a hardened back cover. Should the accident happen, however, we at Delfi Technologies have a lucrative service agreement, which means that we can urgently repair your handheld terminal and/or replace defective parts. We take pride in working quickly and efficiently so you can get on with the work.

If you have any doubts about the type of barcode you need, whether it be 1D or 2D or something else, you can see our barcode guide and be much clearer on the different types.

Experience our Delfi PM85


Our customer cases represent a wide range of industries such as retail, warehouse, healthcare, field services and office signage – see some our references here with solutions we’re proud of.


In the central warehouse, mobile printers have been installed on trucks and stackers, and in Fleggaard’s 17 stores there have been delivered PDAs to control all product registration – an upgrade that makes the overall business more competitive and efficient. The mobility releases time for other tasks as well as a greater overview for the individual employee.

Because Fleggaards old handheld terminals needed to be renewed, the management looked after some new updated models. The requirements were, among other things, that the new handheld terminal / PDA should have a big screen that could give the user a better overview. It should have a long life battery and of course, it should be robust. Per Sørensen, Chief Operating Officer of the Calle and Fleggaard chains, was at the forefront of the purchase and research in order to find the right PDA for the task.

– After searching the market, I was left with three relevant PDAs. However, I chose the PM80 from Delfi Technologies because it met all the required features optimally, and it was competitive in purchasing. In Delfis PM80 we have a big screen, long life battery, which means greater efficiency and it is robust – which is necessary when working in our environment, says Per Sørensen, that has purchased 116 pieces of PM80s for Fleggaard and Calle stores.