Toshiba – Delfi Partner

Toshiba is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo. The company was founded in 1939 and is today a leader within development and sale of electronics and IT solutions that contribute to a stronger infrastructure.

The many years of experience and expertise in technology also contribute to Toshibia today being a symbol of Japan’s technological skills.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is often the retailer’s first choice for integrated retail solutions. Toshiba is particularly strong in POS (Point of Sale) and has equipped many retailers with store solutions that optimize the productivity and security of the workday in the stores.


Delfi Technologies has worked closely with Toshiba for many years. We have teamed up with Toshiba to ensure that our customers can get the best POS products and solutions with the highest quality. Our partnership with Toshibia covers, among other things, POS PCs and receipt printers. The partnership with Toshiba means that we can live up to our customers’ expectations to a stable and durable retail solution that will make them perform even better.

Toshiba is a well-known brand and a recognized manufacturer of POS solutions – and this is often of great importance to our customers. In a world where everything is accessible with a few clicks, it is important to have a supplier and partner who has the experience, credibility and quality at the top.


Toshiba’s All-In-One POS PCs are designed to evolve as the company grows. A complete sales system with a compact size and nice design. The Toshiba T10 is a perfect combination of high quality, value, performance and style.

If your business is developing fast, you do not have much time to deal with slow and cumbersome systems. With the Toshiba T10, you can adapt a reliable all-in-one POS system that will save your business from all the problems, and at the same time be future-proof for new developments that may be just around the corner. The T10 is designed to be flexible and configurable, which can be scaled to the expectations of retailers and customers.


With the Toshiba TCx 800, you get a flexible, modern and flexible POS system that delivers a unique shopping experience for your customers. The innovative platform is designed for retail and can be adapted to your needs.

The small details mean a lot in the retail sector. A tilt on a POS screen can be the difference in a good customer experience. Elements like these help you create the most comfortable and efficient shopping experience for your customers.

The Toshiba TCx 800’s All-In-One Platform creates more of these great moments.

A complete sales system specifically designed for retail and allowing you to customize your customer’s experience – from flexible configurations to adjustable mechanics and comprehensive accessory ports. Which means you and your team can deliver faster, more efficient and more fun experiences to your customers.


A receipt printer that is ready when you are. TCx Single Station POS receipt printer is designed to work at top speed and in demanding retail environments, so you can get the most out of the working hours of your business. The printer has an option that allows it to save up to 30% paper. It is designed to reduce the likelihood of paper jams with a paper sensor design that is immune to dirt. It is easy to replace receipt rolls in the printer at the touch of a button. Printheads, motherboards and interface adapters are easy to replace, making self-maintenance easier.