Digital hardware solutions for craftsmen and service people

Digital hardware solutions for craftsmen and service people

You might not connect the craft industry and field service industry with hardware solutions but it can save your business lots of manual and time consuming work processes if you invest in digital hardware solutions from Delfi Technologies. Regardless if you need it to registrate your material consumption, order goods or for internal communication, we can definitely create great value for your business with mobile and digital tools.

It’s important to have in mind that the environment within the craft and field service industry is tough. Therefore, you will need solid and tough tools that can withstand both weather and to be dropped on the ground. Furthermore, it’s important to control your goods and material flow, which easily can get unmanageable if it isn’t registrered or count correctly. You might have several employees, where materials and goods often shift hands, why it’s even more important to monitor your materials.

We have collected the software and hardware solutions that benefit you the best in the craft and field service industry. If you have specific needs, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

Handheld terminals/PDA’s for craftsmen and service people

Handheld terminals and PDA’s are efficient tools which are easy to bring along on the roads. If you need to register your materials or registrate a delivery it’s easy to pick up the PDA from your pocket. You can both get a handheld terminal with a manual keyboard or with a touch keyboard, therefore it depends on your need of typing. Below you see our three recommended handheld terminals for craftsmen or service people. All three devices are connected via 4G, and you’re always secured a good connection, regardless where you are.

Tough tablet for craftsmen and service people

If you need a more computer-like tool than a handheld terminal, our tough tablet is definitely the solution for you. Zebra’s model, ET56 Tablet, with 8″ screen is ideal for the craft and field service industry. It connects via 4G and you’re always secured a safe connection no matter where you or your employees are. If your working on a building site there might not be Wi-Fi, why it’s important that your tough tablet is able to connect to 4g.

A tough tablet is specially useful if you need a digital tool to e.g., inventory management, even more if you fil it with the right software. In this way, you always have a tool by hand to monitor and register your stock.

Furthermore, the zebra tablet is quite tough and withstands the tough environment both craftsmen and field service people are in. Therefore, it both withstands wind, water and all kinds of weather, and will survive a drop on the ground. Due to the bigger size than a PDA, the tablet won’t disappear that easily.

It’s also important to mention that there are a wide range of accessories for your tough tablet, so you can create the perfect tablet solution for your need – regardless of what industry or environment you are in.

Mobile receipt printers for craftsmen and service people

Mobile receipt printers are super easy to bring on the road, and increase really the flexibility and mobility in the field service industry. Here it’s very convenient to be able to print a receipt directly at the customer, since the order might first be completed at this point.

The two recommended mobile receipt printers you see here are both connected via Bluetooth, so you’re always secured a receipt printer that works. Both print in high quality and with high print speed, so you quickly can print your customers’ receipts.

Software solutions for craftsmen and service people

At Delfi Technologies we have two great software solutions which both can reduce fraud and register material consumption in the craft and field service industry.

Delfi X Cloud is a subscription solution that combines the software and hardware need. Here you get a complete cloud based and handheld terminal solution for mobile Android devices, that helps creating traceability, control in the logistic chain and streamlines the everyday life. By surpassing to a digital handheld terminal solution you can both minimize faults in your orders and registration, and thereby create a overview of your business’ goods flow.

Delfi Mobile Warehouse is a simple warehouse solution, that gives you the opportunity to work more efficiently with your stock status, goods picking and goods receiptance. This solution is also subscription based, and gives you the right of use to the warehouse module, that contains the most common functions for registration of goods.

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