Labelprinter for Shipmondo

Label printer for Shipmondo

Today, many companies use Shipmondo (formerly as their primary freight solution.
Shipmondo is an incredibly smart integration for those who run a webshop. With Shipmondo, you can ship parcels to the world across carriers from one unified solution/integration – directly in your webshop. Shipmondo takes your cargo handling to a new level.

Shipmondo is extremely easy to set up and you are ready in just five minutes! The preparation of your packages should preferably be done quickly and accurately. With Shipmondo’s webshop and plugin for financial systems, you are ready to go – and have everything in one place. If you run a webshop, you can also use Shipmondo’s freight modules and allow your customers to choose a delivery location themself.

If you have a webshop, you probably also handle your orders in your webshop system. Here, you can safely switch between multiple systems when handling orders, raising amounts, and printing package labels. The many shifts back and forth are inappropriate and the risk of errors is great. With Shipmondo, all the different steps are located together in one place where you have a complete and comprehensive overview. Shipmondo supports many different webshop platforms, including Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

This is how Shipmondo works with a label printer

Running a webshop can be much easier if orders are managed with Shipmondo and a label printer. With a label printer associated with Shipmondo, shipping labels, return labels and delivery notes are easily and quickly printed when an order automatically arrives, or via manual handling.

Once an order has come through your webshop, Shipmondo can handle it in all the phases you need. First, open the order in Shipmondo and get a picklist. Then find the items in the warehouse via the picklist. When the product picking is completed, the order is reopened and the delivery can be created, which automatically orders pick-up from the customer’s chosen transport company. You can then raise the money on the order, still in the Shipmondo integration. Next, the package label is ready to be printed via the label printer, with all the details of delivery, company, and customer information, based on a selected template. Afterwards, just wait for the carrier to pick up the package at your address and deliver the package to the customer.

The best labelprinters for Shipmondo or

At Delfi Technologies, we sell the most used label printers fo Shipmondo and Delfi Technologies has more than 30 years of experience with label printers and barcode solutions – and is always ready to guide and help you find the best solution.

Label printers are highly recommended for small as well as large webshops that use barcodes on their shipping labels. When choosing a label printer for use via Shipmondo, it is important that you have your needs in mind.

Zebra GK420D and ZD421 labelprinter for Shipmondo and webshop

Our best-selling label printer for use via Shipmondo is a Zebra ZD421D. It is a small and compact label printer that can be placed in the office or anywhere without taking up too much space. The label printer is suitable for those with a daily need of 2-300 print jobs per day. At the same time, we have the perhaps cheapest price on this label printer for Shipmondo. The Zebra ZD421D is available both for wireless networking or via cable connection. Zebra label printers are among the most widely used on the market, and we can understand that. Today, the Zebra ZD421D is used by many companies and is extremely stable and durable. Shipmondo recommends this label printer for shipping and parcel labels.

See how to set up your Zebra ZD421 label printer for use with Shipmondo here.

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ZEBRA GK420_mljø

Citizen CL-E300 label printer til Shipmondo

Small in size, yet fully equipped
The small size and compactness of the new Citizen CL-E300 label printer make it a perfect printer for places where the space is tight. At the same time, the printer allows you to print labels up to 4.5 inches on a 5-inch media roll. With a built-in Ethernet LAN interface as standard along with USB and serial interfaces, the CL-E300 is perfect for all applications. Citizen’s LinkServer™ web management and configuration system is integrated to provide full printer control. The CL-E300 has 203 dpi and 300 dpi versions as well as cutting options, so you can use it in any direct thermal application from low to medium volume printing.

  • Unique, modern design
  • Small and compact – ideal for logistics and warehousing environments
  • Ethernet LAN interface onboard with USB and Serial

Shipmondo labels

When choosing which type of label to use as a package label/freight label, etc., you always have to take into account where the label is going to be used. Should it be able to withstand rain and sleet, for example? Should it be readable over a longer period?

The most commonly used labels are DT (Direct Thermal) labels, which do not require any ink or ink ribbon. These labels are coated with a heat-sensitive layer which changes color as the printer print head heats the label. However, these labels are not long-lasting in environments where the label is exposed to sunlight or heat. If you need labels for regular shipping labels, it will be DT labels, which is the cheapest and most effective label type, since the label is usually discarded after a short period.

If your labels have a longer shelf life and have a nice expression over a longer period, you need to use TT labels (Thermal Transfer). TT labels are not coated with a heat-sensitive layer and require the label printer to use an ink ribbon to apply the print to the label.

At Delfi Technologies we sell many different types of labels for many different needs. If you need a label for a special purpose, you can always contact us and get a non-binding offer – we can find the best labeling solution together with you.

Shipmondo recommends shipping labels in 10×19 cm, which is the most common label format that can be used in most label printers. You can buy 10×19 DT labels here.

Shipmondo has a guide for setting up labels for your label printer – see it here.

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Barcode scanner for webshop with Shipmondo

There are many things to keep in mind when running a webshop. And with a barcode scanner, you can make it easier and more efficient to keep track of your webshop. Especially when it comes to the order process – so you make sure you get everything that leaves the warehouse.

At Delfi Technologies, we have developed our very own barcode scanner DelfiScan C91. The barcode scanner is a wired 1D barcode scanner, which is an extremely popular barcode scanner. It comes in a complete USB kit and can handle up to 500 scans per second. Buy the DelfiScan C91 right here.

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