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When investing in a new POS system or wanting to add new tools to your existing system, it’s done with the expectation that it’s supposed to support and optimize your work methods and processes. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right products, when you have found the right software for your retail environment. With more than 33 years of experience within hardware tools for, among others, the retail industry, we’re ready to guide you in the right direction. A Point of Sale system is part of your retail business’ chore, and it’s here your customers either start or end their buying experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to serve your customers as quickly and flawlessly as possible.

At Delfi Technologies we have many years of experience in selling products for Point of Sale systems. From displays to barcode scanners and cash drawers; everything for a complete POS system. Your equipment depends especially on which kind of business within the retail industry you have, and if you e.g. have several checkouts, which must communicate with each other. We have collected a range of recommended products for a complete Point of Sale system.

We hope that our POS guide helps you in the right direction – if not, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team, who can guide you to the right POS equipment.

Displays for POS systems

Most business owners in the retail industry would most likely prefer to have a display for their POS system, as it opens way more serving possibilities than an old and traditional cash system. Maybe you need your POS system to work more like a computer instead of just visualizing the sales. There is a distinction between all-in-one-POS-PCs and customer displays; it’s important to know the difference before deciding which to invest in.

All-in-one-POS-PCs are essential for a complete POS system if you have a business and a Point of Sale system that demands more than just receiving payments. Here you get PCs with processors to store lots of data and programs to support your business and your POS system. Where customer displays or monitors are just connected to visualize the buying- or paying process to your employees or customers.

Price checker for POS systems

To top your customers’ experiences in your shop or store in the retail industry, a price checker can save time for both your employees and customers. Most customers have experienced finding a product without pricing, then waiting for an employee to find the price to then continue the bargain.

With a price checker, your customers can easily scan the product’s barcode and get the right price. Thereby, you can quickly increase your service level significantly. The price checker uses Android as a system and connects via Bluetooth, and is easily set up to your existing system in your business.

If you need other accessories for your POS system, you can check out our POS accessories.

Barcode scanners for POS systems

A barcode scanner is an important tool for your POS system, as it’s crucial for the speed of your service. The better scanning capability it has, the faster you can serve your customers. The same goes for how accurately it reads the barcode which also can affect your efficiency. If the barcode scanner doesn’t read correctly, you can end up selling the wrong product or to the wrong price in your system. This can be an expensive cost to both you and your customers. Invest in a reliable barcode scanner that reads your products’ barcodes quickly and correctly.

Receipt printers for POS systems

A receipt printer is an absolute must-have to complete your POS system. Here it’s important with a good printing capability as well as speed to finish your customers’ buying experience with a receipt of their bargain. Here you see 3 of our recommended receipt printers – all with USB/ethernet.

Cash drawers for POS system

Even though cash drawers don’t differentiate much from each other, it’s still a necessity to have a cash drawer to assist your POS system. Today, many uses cards as primary payment but most businesses in the retail industry would still like to offer the possibility of paying with cash.

Furthermore, a cash drawer is also good for containing important receipts or other appendices for accounting.

NORMAL uses POS equipment from Delfi Technologies

Through the years we have delivered many software and hardware solutions for businesses in the retail industry. NORMAL has implemented complete POS systems to support the handling of their many, daily customers. With the right tools, NORMAL secures the necessary operational reliability and equips the chain for the future retail industry.

Read more about how NORMAL ensures optimal store operations and avoids downtime.

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