Scanners for the Health Card-app

Scanners for health card app

The yellow health card is now available directly on the phone. The new app from the public sector acts as the well-known health card and provides access to public health services in Denmark.

The “health card” can be downloaded as an app for both Android and iOS, so your patients always have their health card with them. If your patients have children, they can also automatically see their children’s health cards in the app.

The new app is a voluntary supplement to the yellow health card, so you still have to keep your physical health card – even after downloading the app.


Today, more and more barcodes are being scanned directly on the mobile screen. The barcode in the health card app contains your CPR number and is used to identify you in the same way as with the physical health card.

Not all barcode scanners can read barcodes from a mobile screen. At Delfi Technologies, we have gathered a selection of barcode scanners that are particularly suitable for scanning the new digital health card.

All the scanners fit the most systems (Novax, EG Clinea, WinPLC, Ganglion, XMO, MyClinic, etc.)

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Benefits of the digital health card

  • With the health card app, you can automatically see your children’s health cards in the app until the children are 15 years old
  • Your information is automatically updated in the app if, for example, you change address, doctor or get a new last name
  • You can block the health card app via if, for example, you lose your mobile phone
  • You can call your doctor directly by tapping the doctor’s phone number in the app

Download the health card app

For iPhone – download the app in the App Store here:

For Android – download the app in the Google Play Store here:

Facts about the digital health card

  • The health card app is, like the physical yellow health card, valid documentation of the right to receive public health services in Denmark
  • To be able to use the health card app, you must be resident in Denmark, be in security group 1 or 2 and have a NemID
  • The barcode in the Health Card app contains your CPR number
  • The app has been developed by the Danish Digitization Agency under the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and KL

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