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Labels come in many different shapes and sizes – but sometimes the market still does not have the “perfect” label, for what you need exactly. That is why we help our customers create the perfect label.

If you need specially designed labels in relation to our standard range, we can help tailor exactly your label. With more than 30 years of experience in the production of specially designed labels, tags, stickers, and RFID tags, we have the resources and skills to provide the best help and advice.

But which adhesive should be on the new label, and which roll-up will best suit your label? You are always welcome to consult with us, so you are sure that your label is spot-on, on the first try.

Please contact our label consultant:

Azra Karabasic
Phone: +45 31 38 48 97
Email: azra.karabasic@delfi.com

Fill out the form below and we will make sure to produce your dream label:

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The width and height of labels, without baking paper. See Attached Image.
What material should the label be attached to e.g. steel, wood, plastic, etc. Please attach a picture of the substrate.
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(temperature, humidity, etc.) Other relevant info, it can e.g. be that the label must be applied outdoors in minus degrees, whether it should be outside / inside. What is it used for?
If you want a label in a specific color code.
If you have wishes about how many labels should be on a roll.
How many pieces. labels you want offers on.
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  • DT (direct thermal)
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Perforation is the hollow line between each label. This makes it easier to tear a label off the roll. Some printers are equipped with an autocutter, which cuts so that perforation is not necessary.
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Permanent: leaves label residues and adhesive residues when removing the label from the substrate. Removable: Can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue on the substrate.
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Should your logo possibly be pre-printed on the label in color? If you want a pre-print, please attach your file here.
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Which printer should the label be used for. Please state model no. If you also want an offer for a printer, please note it here. Then we find a printer that suits the purpose.

Only need to be informed if your printer is equipped with one of these label sensors.

What is the diameter of the paper roll max? If the printer model is stated, this info is not necessary
What is the outer diameter of the roll? If the printer model is specified, this info is not required