Tire labels for car dealers

Tire labels for car dealers

Regardless if it is summer or winter, the tire change season is busy for both car dealers, mechanics and tire shops. It is therefore important to have a solid overview of your appointments, clients and their tires to handle as many tasks as possible. You can support your overview by investing in solid tire labels with barcodes and a barcode scanner which can register your clients informations (name, car brand, tire type etc.) along controlling where your clients tires are located in your stock, so you easily can change their tires at the next season change.

Since the 1st of May 2021 there has been made some changes in the law according to European tire labels, which is important to be updated about. The new law has been made to make it easier for motorists to choose greener and quieter tires. This means that the well known tire labels must be updated with new marking and stricter requirements. Here informations about the tires qualities on wet road and rolling resistance must appear more clearly, while the tire noise must be divided in A, B og C level. At the same time, the requirements are tightened so the bottom steps of the scale, F and G, which are also known for the marking of appliances, are no longer legal to sell. From now on, only tires from A to E classes are allowed to sell.

How to start printing tire labels

We have collected our recommendations of labels, label printers, software and barcode scanners so you quickly can get an overview of how to get started with printing your own tire labels and thereby optimize your work methods at your car or tire shop.

Tire labels for car dealers

Here you find our best selection of labels for tires. To keep track of the different seasons you can divide your tire labels into colours. The labels are both solid and durable and can resist the tough environment.

Citizen label printer for tire labels

To print your tire labels we recommend this label printer from Citizen since it both prints efficiently and quickly. At the same time, it is very durable and therefore a good investment.

Colour ribbon for tire labels

This colour ribbon fits our recommended label printer from Citizen and is the most optimal choice when printing tire labels of high quality.

Bartender Professional Edition

Bartender Professional Edition is a label programme where you can design your tire labels and print them, so you easily can find your clients tires for the right car, avoid faulty deliveries and increase the efficiency.

Wireless barcode scanner for tire labels

This barcode scanner both reads 1D and 2D barcodes, and connects via Bluetooth. This makes it easy and quick for you to scan tire labels which isn’t necessarily close to your computer. Maybe you need to scan tires placed on a shelf, why the flexibility with this scanner is an advantage. The wireless connection secures a battery capacity up to 14 hours.

Cabled barcode scanner for tire labels

With this scanner you are also able to read both 1D and 2D barcodes, here with a cabled connection. DelfiScan C81 has a really good scanning ability which manages to read barcodes easily and quickly, even in disturbing environments or from a longer distance. The advantage of having a cabled barcode scanner is that you never have to think about charging your scanner and you therefore can start scanning without worrying about battery life.

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