Bixolon – Delfi Partner

Bixolon is a global manufacturer of receipt printerslabel printers, mobile printers and customer displays. Bixolon offers an exciting product range for a wide range of industries such as retail, healthcare, banking, logistics, warehouse and more. As a leading manufacturer in the global market for specialty printers, Bixolon began its life as the Samsung Mini Printer Division in the ’90s, before it, in 2002, became the company it is today.

With headquarter and manufacturing in South Korea, Bixolon offers their products worldwide, with offices in Asia, Europe and the US. Bixolin has an extensive international network of distributors and dealers all over the world. Bixolon’s products are used with great satisfaction in a wide range of industries due to the high speed, good quality and high reliability. In many industries, such as retail, the customer satisfaction can be improved in connection with POS and print solutions that include Bixolon.

Bixolon’s philosophy is to offer a better solution to their customers and sustainable growth. Bixolon’s corporate culture is based on a fast, flexible and kindly service.


Bixolon printers are often part of many of our solutions, which we supply to a wide range of companies. This is especially the case within print solutions and Point of Sale for retail, including supermarkets, where we often see Bixolon’s products included – for example when an effective receipt printer is needed for receipts or a stylish, high-quality customer display.

We have worked closely with Bixolon for many years and we are proud to offer our customers high quality Bixolon products – simply because we can guarantee the reliability and durability of the products. The high quality of Bixolon printers is especially important to us, as we always want to offer our customers the very best when it comes to choosing a reliable print solution or new customer displays.


An ideal receipt printer for retail.

Complimented with a range of connectivity options, the SRP-350plusIII is an industry leading multi-functional 3-inch (80mm) thermal Printer. Featuring powerful printing performance of up to 300mm/second at 300dpi and a 16 shade grey scale for quality text, graphics and barcodes. Featuring a cost-saving paper reduction function (barcode reduction included), anti-jam guide and adjustable paper guide for 2-inch or 3-inch printing media.

This user-friendly printer is comes with USB V2.0 FS + Ethernet as standard and optional USB V2-0 FS + Ethernet + Serial, Parallel, Powered USB or Bluetooth V4.2 + LE. Its Bluetooth model provides compatibility with all major operating systems including iOS™(MFi certified), Android™ & Windows™ and is supplemented.


Many companies today donate money to charity. At NEYE, the entire profit goes to a good cause, as the NEYE Foundation has earmarked the annual profit for cancer research since 1977. In the last 5 years alone, it has become 50 million danish kroner.

To provide a better overview during the day, NEYE uses a mobile Bixolon SPP-R200 label printer so that employees can simply scan an item with a handheld terminal, after which the associated price tag is printed out. This means that the stores can handle the work of price labeling on an ongoing basis.

At the same time, employees always know where they have come from, unlike other solutions, where you typically get all the new shelf labels printed at the same time – and can not necessarily remember where in the pile you have come to.