Health friendly solutions

Health friendly solutions

The Corona crisis has accelerated the use of digital solutions that can help support the fight against Covid-19 – not only in the Danish healthcare system but also in other industries such as retail, warehousing and industrial businesses. The Corona crisis has turned our society and business life upside down, where a number of precautions must be taken which definitely have increased the digitalization. Covid-19 is considered to be a great challenge for businesses in multiple areas across industries and countries. To minimize the risk of infection, Delfi Technologies has a range of health friendly products and solutions that contribute to a greater safety, better cleaning options and shielding.

Zebra TC52-HC

The ultimate handheld terminal to lower the risk of infection among your employees.

Give your employees everything they need to do their best, while reducing the risk of infection. Zebra‘s TC52-HC is the ultimate device with a succesful platform and functionality in top class for employees today. You get Android’s unique ease of use combined with a clinical device, data capture and device management tools – all together in a sleek, disinfectant device built for frequent round-the-clock cleaning.

Areas of use:

  • The healthcare sector: mobile tool to simplify work processes, collaborate with colleagues and access patient information – anywhere
  • Retail: can also be used in store environments where there are special requirements for cleaning and disinfection.

Datalogic Gryphon GD4520

User friendly barcode scanner – withstands high cleaning requirements.

Gryphon I GD4520 stands out with an elegant and trendy design, user friendly ergonomics and with the mest advanced megapixel sensor with warm-white lighting 2D technology. The scanner reads both 1D and 2D barcodes. The scanner has a antimicrobial enclosure that allows it to withstand high requirements for cleaning and disinfection. A motion sensor technology also allows the scanner to intuitively switch to handheld mode when lifted.

Areas of use:

  • The healthcare sensor: create increased patient safety – better precision when patient records need to be matched with medications, tests etc.
  • Retail: can also be used in store environments where there are special requirements for cleaning and disinfection.

Datalogic GM4500-HC

Wireless barcode scanner with contactless charger. The most advanced megapixel sensor.

Like the GD4520, the GM4500-HC is also pampered with a trendy design, user friendly ergonomics and with the most advanced megapixel sensor with warm-white lighting 2D technology. The scanner reads both 1D and 2D barcodes. One of the most important technical innovations that this Datalogic scanner possesses is the wireless charging system for the battery, which improves the service life while there is no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures.

Areas of use:

  • The healthcare sensor: create increased patient safety – better precision when patient records need to be matched with medications, tests etc.
  • Retail: can also be used in store environments where there are special requirements for cleaning and disinfection.

Epson TM-M30

A reliable receipt printer that is resistant to chemical disinfectants.

The Epson TM-M30 is a compact receipt printer that not only carries the recognized printing technology from a leading manufacturer, but also offers full compatibility with almost any tablet, smartphone or desktop POS system. With either USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth, you can print receipts with 203 dpi resolution at a 200 mm/s speed.

Areas of use:

  • The healthcare sector: print receipts in connection with treatments
  • Retail: the ideal solution for queue management (pull-a-number) – both in pharmacies and in stores

Social distancing and shopping habbits

Social distancing is top of mind at most people when going shopping. New precautions have been introduced to protect the store employees and give customers the necessary trust in their shopping experience within retail.

The customer experience is all about focusing on the customers’ trust

For retailers, social distancing is a far larger and more comprehensive area than ever. The good service and experience is harder to accomplish due to the restrictions. There are many indications that the way we have been able to shop so far is changing for both retailers and consumers – also in the longer term.

Retailers now have to create a much safer working and shopping environment, and regain the customer’s trust when it comes to safety and health. The collaboration between the employees and the customers in the stores must be re-evaluated to optimize the personal experience and safety for both the employees and the customers. A safe, clean and healthy store environment will result in an increased security for the customers.

Safeguard® shielding

Security and safety in the daily business.

With the SafeGuard shield, made of plastic, you get a shielding solution that is both cheap and easy to install. The shield creates a security barrier for everyone behind the counter in the stores. It focuses on social distance with the protection of store employees and meets the customers’ hygiene expectations. The shield can easily be retrofitted to existing SpacePole installations or complement existing hardware without taking up transaction space in either the pacskage or payment areas.

SafeGuard shields are perfect for all types of food and non-food stores as well as in the healthcare sector. Like any other SpacePole products the shield can be fitted as part of an existing or new installation.

Hand dispenser holder

Focus on health with an elegant hand dispenser holder. 

The holder is designed to be connected to any SpacePole payment plate or as supplement to a larger POS mounting solution. The dispenser is easy to install, giving the customers a quick and convenient opportunity to disinfect their hands both before and after the completion of payment transactions. It’s designed to be mounted on a swing arm, wall mounted or top mounted on a floor stand – and can be installed in just a few minutes. The holder is a discreet solution that does not interfere with the payment or package areas.

The solution can be installed in a few minutes and can supplement the SpacePole SafeGuard sheld to give further protection to the customers and improve your reputation among your customers.

Health friendly touch screens

ELO HC series of touch screens for clinical environments.

This series of touch screens delivers professional quality and is at the same time an interactive solution with ELO’s industry leading TouchPro PCAP technology with edge-to-edge glass and enables up to 10 simultaneous touches. The clear glass provides an unique image, resolution and light transfer to vivid images and details. The monitor is equipped with dual built-in speakers and VGA and HDMI video connections – and is backed by a three-year warranty as standard.

There is also a wide range of devices and accessories that can be connected to the monitor, including handles to enable, e.g., doctors to move the monitor easily during patient visits. With the integrated USB 2.0 input, external accessories can be easily added, such as a finger print reader or barcode scanner.

People counter

Maintain social distance and create an overview of vistors.

Intelligent solution with Bosch camera, combined with a powerful Philips Android SoC screen. Whether it’s a shop, a supermarket, a cinema or any other public place where a social distance must be maintained, and an overview of visitors, then People Counter is the perfect solution.

Cameras convert people into numbers, and automatically keep track of how many people go in and out of an area. On the screen, in addition to the overview of visitors, there is also oppportunity to graphically advertise products, stores or messages.


Elegant keyboard – puts health at the center.

Hospitouch is a keyboard with a glass surface for use in clinical areas. Special capacitive sensors release the key when the surface is touched. To facilitate the user interface, this keyboard is also equipped with an integrated sliding pad. The technology used also makes it possible to use the keyboard with surgical gloves. The surface is resistant to acid, sweat, dust and liquids. This keyboard is specifically designed for medical use. But is also applicable other environments where it’s important to have a clinical workflow to minimize eg., infection via bacteria, viruses or other.

Fully automatic hand hygiene dispenser

Focus on disinfection – and achieve exposure at the same time

Most people have gradually become accustomed to disinfect their hands, but do we remember to read the signs when we enter the store? VisionLine has combined both in SaniLine – a fully automatic sanitizer dispenser with display. So while disinfecting your hands, you can read advice and guidance at the same time – and be presented with the business’ or company’s messages and offers. And the solution can be used everywhere – shops, malls, museums, gyms, hotels, companies, clinics, doctors, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, etc.

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